Extreme Lawns is a locally owned family business.  Our passion and drive has always been simple, give our customers the best that we can at a competitive.  We believe that being there for our customers, taking the time to address their concerns and listen to their goals is the heart of what makes us who we are.

Our beliefs and the way we operate is based on core values like respect, dependability, and honesty to just name a few.  We like to take the time to personally talk to our customer, develop a realistic plan with realistic goals and provide the best service that we can.  At Extreme Lawns, we understand that there are times that there is not any kind of "quick fix" solution.  We will take the time to explain how different weed cycles take place, what to expect  and how long actual results will take.  

While other companies like to boast with expedited results, we will be honest with you from the word go.  There are times that results can be yielded quickly which is all dependant on current weed conditions, turf grass health, how healthy the root system is, and soil conditions.  With that being said, we have the expertise, knowledge, and real world experience to turn a normal lawn into true curb appeal.  

Contact us today to see how we can give you the lawn you have been looking for, because after all, wouldn't you like to spend less time working in your lawn and more time enjoying it?

Photography courtesy of Infinite Horizons.